AI is a big threat to humans!


San Francisco,

Case number-1

One night in February 2021. Mark, who lives in San Francisco, noticed swelling in his toddler’s private parts. On the advice of the nurse, Mark clicked a photo of the baby’s swollen part from his Android phone and sent it to the doctor from his wife’s iPhone. The doctor treated the child after seeing the photo, but from here a series of problems started for Mark.

The photo of the child’s private part in his mobile was uploaded to Google Cloud. Due to which Google’s AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence System considered Mark guilty of ‘child sexual abuse’ and blocked his 10-year-old Google account.

All his contacts, photos, videos, details of appointments on Google Calendar, collected in so many years, all disappeared in one fell swoop. Not only this, he also faced a police investigation for sharing child porn. However, after the investigation, the police gave him a clean chit, but Google flatly refused to reactivate his account. He is still struggling to recover his data.

Case number-2

While Mark was struggling with these problems in San Francisco, a similar incident happened to Cassio in Texas. Casio, who lives in Houston, developed an infection in his baby’s internal organs. On the advice of the doctor, he also clicked the child’s photo from the Android phone, which was later saved in Google Photos. Then Casio sent that photo to his wife through Google’s chat service.

But like Mark, Casio also became a victim of Google’s artificial intelligence system. His Google account was suddenly blocked. At that time Cassio was buying a house. He had to face many difficulties due to the sudden stoppage of email. He also had to visit the police station on allegations of child sexual abuse.

Mark and Cassio both have the same problem, the reason is also the same-

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Google has prepared its AI system to protect children from sexual harassment and now this has become the cause of trouble. He is not able to differentiate between child abuse or child pornography and pictures clicked for treatment.

According to a report of “The New York Times”, the law considered both of them innocent, but Google neither reactivated their accounts nor returned the data.

Bill Gates, Alan Musk and Stephen Hawking have said – AI is a threat to humans

Scientists like Bill Gates and Alan Musk to Stephen Hawking have been talking about the threat of AI to humans. On the one hand, all the world’s tech companies, from Google, Facebook, are spending billions of dollars on this technology, while the governments of countries like China, Russia, and the United States are trying to seize its power.

One group of scientists is calling it a technology that will change people’s lives, which will lead them to a longer life by getting rid of diseases. Others consider it a more dangerous weapon than an atomic bomb. After all, what is this AI, for which humans are filled with both excitement and apprehension. The fear is that the things that are being made for the help of human beings will become our destiny, so what will happen?

Talking machines are amazing

Chatbots are being created all over the world these days. Chatbots are such intelligent machines equipped with AI, with which you can chat. Similarly, intelligent machines that can communicate through audio are also being developed. With these machines you can talk in a completely natural way, just like you do with your friends and family. In most places these machines are being used for customer service. Chatbots have appeared on countless websites, AI-equipped machines are talking to customers before humans call customer care services.

Akrit Vaish, co-founder and CEO of an AI startup, said in an interview that the capabilities of these machines are amazing. They gather valuable data for companies while talking to customers, reduce customer care service costs, and improve service quality. It helps in everything from product recommendations to inventory tracking. This technology is of great benefit to both e-commerce companies and their customers. The role of AI has become important in making shopping easier for customers, helping them choose products. Similarly, medical scheduling is being used in healthcare, from disease identification to treatment.

Know the 3 levels of AI and their differences…

1- ANI stands for Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Currently we are using this machine intelligence. Its capabilities are limited, it can perform a specific task.
Narrow intelligence analyzes large amounts of data, looks for patterns, then makes predictions based on that.
Now it works according to the programming and algorithms of the engineers. It follows the rules fed to it by the engineers.
Our smartphones, TVs, self-driving cars, chatbots such as Siri and Alexa, photo and facial recognition systems are the result of this narrow intelligence.
Narrow intelligence is doing things like sorting out spam from emails, helping mobile phones in voice recognition and scanning X-rays for cancer.

2- AGI ie Artificial General Intelligence

AGI will work like human brain. It will have the ability to think, understand and act like us. It is being worked on.
When a child is very young, he sees things around him, experiences them, learns from them, then takes different decisions in every situation.
Like a child, this powerful AI will continue to learn from its experiences, improving its knowledge and skills.
AGI will be able to reason. She will be able to observe the situation and work accordingly, even if she has to break the limits set by the engineers.
AGI will have self-awareness, common sense. She will be able to read people’s feelings and needs, that is, she will have the ability to understand people.
The robot that Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing in Hollywood’s Terminator film series has an intelligence of AGI level.

3- ASI ie Artificial Super Intelligence

ASI will have more capabilities than the human mind, due to which machines will be able to become more powerful and capable than humans in almost every aspect.
This level of intelligence is currently only in science fiction. Like ‘Chitti’ in Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Robot’ then the machines will be very powerful.

At this level even machines will have feelings, they will be able to feel love and pain. Like human beings, they will have feelings and the ability to think.

Because of ASI, machines can have their own beliefs and desires. She will be better than humans in every field from mathematics to science, arts, sports.

Once the machines acquire such capabilities, it will be difficult to control them. That is why they are considered as a threat to human existence.

AI cheats humans to win

There are also cases of AI cheating while playing video games with humans. The AI ​​takes advantage of bugs and other such loop holes in the game to win many times and no one even notices. In one such game, ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’, the AI ​​detected the bug and started cheating to score more points.

AI is adept at making humans smarter

AI has already mastered outsmarting humans. According to a report on the portal of ‘Radio New Zealand’, the AI ​​chatbot named ‘Cleverbot’ learns things by first listening to the conversation and gives further answers based on that. He has so far managed to convince a large number of people that they are chatting with a human being.

Some time ago, an engineer from Google claimed that the chatbot ‘Lamda’ is starting to think like humans. Experts say that actually the chatbot ‘Lamda’ had brainwashed the engineer and managed to give him such confidence that it seemed that he had emotions and consciousness like humans. Before that, in 2018, Google’s another program ‘Duplex’ AI called a restaurant and reserved a table there and did not let the employee know that he was talking to a machine and not a human.

AI will take decisions at will, humans will not be able to stop them

AI is developing very fast. However, developers and researchers believe that one day this AI will become so powerful that it will be difficult for humans to control it.

According to a report published in ‘Business Insider’ in September 2021, Max Planck, a research institute in Germany, conducted a study on this. In which it was found that humans will not be able to prevent AI from taking decisions of its own accord.

AI is monitoring people in China, ranking them

China introduced a social credit system in 2014. According to media reports, its goal is to determine the social credit ranking of its citizens by monitoring their every activity. It is believed that for this he is using every method from surveillance footage to internet. Programs like AI can make this easier and promote social grading.

Use your weakness against you

The machine is tracking you everywhere. Analysis is determining your ranking. In such a case, it is very possible that it will be used against you. The company can deny you a job based on your social credit score. The insurance company may also refuse to insure you or to file a claim.

Chatbots like ‘Lamda’ can betray

“Lamda” and other such chatbots make the person in front of them believe that they are real people while talking. People can trust them and give their sensitive information to them. If the technology is in the wrong hands, it can pose a privacy and security threat.

Manipulating people’s information

Today social media knows your every talk, your likes and dislikes. Also, what can you think of? During the presidential election in the US and the Brexit referendum in the UK, there were cases when users’ information was used to mislead them. AI targets users by distorting facts according to their preferences and beliefs, so that an atmosphere can be created to support or oppose a leader or issue.

Artificial intelligence makes our life easier, from identifying cancer, finding jobs according to our skills and education, preparing our news feed on the Internet, protecting us from cyber fraud, from writing to editing and even helping us in loneliness, depression. is being

Hopes for the future are immense

AI will be able to save humans from diseases. Controlling global warming will help to find habitable places on other planets outside the earth. In a report of ‘The New Statesman’, Dr. Technologist at Stanford University. Phi Phi Lee believes that artificial intelligence will increase our productivity, we will be able to live longer and use clean energy.

A house lived with machines

After reaching the super artificial intelligence level, machines will be able to feel pain, suffering and other emotions and sensations just like we do. AI is already helping humans to overcome their loneliness and sadness.

On the other hand, people around the world are marrying their AI-equipped robots. According to a report by, 4,000 people married their AI partners in Japan alone last year. In this way, there is hope that humans and machines equipped with super intelligence will live together on earth without any conflict.

Finally read this advice

Whether you are using any company’s email or cloud service, once the company closes your account, there is little hope of getting your data back. Cyber ​​expert Kislay Chaudhary says that especially if the company has found you guilty of violating any law, then forget the data. Backing up data on multiple cloud services is also not easy. One way to do this is to keep creating backups on your local hard drive. Privacy on the Internet is all about deception. You can avoid threats like hacking by being careful. Regularly check which devices your online accounts are logged into. Create a strong password and change it regularly. Bring cyber awareness in children too, so that they can understand right from wrong.

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