Microsoft Introduces Power Platform Copilot: A Revolutionary Tool to Simplify Programming

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Microsoft has announced a new feature of its Power Platform called Copilot, which allows developers to build apps with the help of AI. Copilot uses the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model developed by OpenAI, in which Microsoft is a significant investor, to provide AI-powered assistance to developers working on Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate.

With Copilot, developers can use natural language to describe the app they want to create, and the system can build it in seconds. Copilot not only writes code for the UI but also creates the data table and business logic. For example, if a user tells Power Apps to “create a worker onboarding app, get new worker data and share training content and learning modules,” Copilot can create the app in one go. Users can also customize the app by interacting with Copilot, adding new columns to the data table, or filling the data table with sample data, and so on. Copilot can even suggest how to improve the app if any problems occur during the creation process.

Power Automate Copilot allows users to create any process using natural language without any Power Automate expertise. Copilot can optimize and update the process in a dialogue-based manner. Additionally, users can use the GPT model to generate text content on the Power Automate Desktop. The new Azure OpenAI service in AI Builder can now be used in Power Automate Desktop.

With Power Virtual Agents, users only need to enter a website address to connect their Power Virtual Agents with website content, knowledge base, and other data. This allows GPT to generate answers, making it possible for firms to connect bots to knowledge bases and Q&A knowledge bases of various products to provide Q&A support to customers. Through Power Virtual Agents Copilot, users can use natural language to describe the robot’s process. They only need to describe what they want the robot to do in a dialogue instead of creating it one by one as before.

In conclusion, Copilot is a new feature of the Power Platform that can provide AI-powered assistance based on GPT in Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate. This allows developers to build apps faster and more efficiently by using natural language to describe what they want to create. Microsoft is investing heavily in AI, and we can expect to see more products from the company that incorporate AI technology in the future.

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