Japan Introduces New Bill for Women’s Safety: Three Years Jail Time and Fine for Taking Inappropriate Photos


Worldsfeed Int’l News Desk: A new bill has been introduced in the Japanese parliament aimed at ensuring the safety of women in the country. If the bill is passed, individuals found guilty of taking inappropriate photos of women in skirts or other clothing could face up to three years in jail and a hefty fine. This bill has been brought to Parliament in response to public demand.

The primary purpose of the bill is to prevent crimes against women, including upskirting. Several countries, including Britain and many in Europe, have already classified this type of act as rape and have established punishments for offenders.

Upskirting involves taking photos of women in short clothing and then selling them to pornographic websites or using them for revenge porn. In Japan, upskirting is now being included in the rape category and is referred to as “chikan” in the local language.

According to a report in “Japan Today,” upskirting often occurs in crowded public places, theaters, and stadiums, with most cases reported in Japan’s metro trains. Women are unable to protect their clothing in a rush and become victims of these criminals.

The bill includes strict provisions to prevent upskirting and is expected to pass. If arrested, the accused will be taken to court, and strict bail conditions will apply. The individual’s electronic devices will be confiscated, and a forensic examination will be performed.

During the court hearing, all evidence will be presented. The minimum punishment for the accused, if convicted, is three years in jail and a fine of INR 18 lakhs. If the fine is not paid, an additional year will be added to the sentence.

To prevent these crimes, Japanese mobile phone makers have implemented “audible shutter sound” technology, which produces a sound when a photo is taken. This alerts women to any suspicious activity and enables them to report it to the police immediately.

According to data released by Japan’s police, there were 1,741 cases of upskirting in 2010, which increased to 5,000 in 2021. It is estimated that this figure has now risen to between 8,000 and 10,000.

Reports suggest that the lockdown and other pandemic-related restrictions have caused a shift in some people’s mindsets, resulting in an increase in these types of crimes.

In March of this year, several men organized an upskirting event at a theme park and shared photos on social media. The government was forced to introduce strict legislation as a result, and the men later apologized.

Several governments worldwide are taking steps to address upskirting. Japan is the first Asian country to include it in the rape category, while South Korea imposes a five-year prison sentence and a fine of INR 6 lakhs. In Singapore, offenders face two years in jail and a fine, with a longer sentence for those convicted of victimizing minors. In Britain and Germany, offenders face two years in jail, and a new law was enacted on April 12th after a three-year campaign. Individual states in the US and Australia have also passed laws to deal with these crimes.

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