Apple iPad Event: New iPad Pros, iPad Air, Apple Pencil, and M4 Chip

Apple's "Let Loose" event on May 7 will focus on iPads, with the potential debut of the M4 chip and updates to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Expect news on the Apple Pencil's long-awaited refresh and possible Mac announcements.


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: Apple has announced a special event for May 7, titled “Let Loose,” which has come as a surprise given that it’s just over a month before the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Typically, Apple reserves major announcements for WWDC, so the fact that this event is happening separately suggests there’s significant news to share. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect.

iPads at the Forefront

The focus of this event seems to be on iPads, specifically the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The Apple Pencil, which hasn’t seen a significant update in a while, is also expected to get some attention. The event’s invitation prominently features the Apple Pencil, hinting at a new generation or enhanced features for this accessory. This emphasis on iPads comes at a time when the tablet market is experiencing a slowdown, with Apple still leading but in need of revitalization.

iPad Pro: M4 Chip and OLED Screen

A major rumor surrounding this event is the potential announcement of Apple’s new M4 chip. If this holds true, it would mark a shift in Apple’s typical release schedule, as the M3 lineup was introduced only about seven months ago. Speculation is that this new chip could debut on the iPad Pro, bringing a performance boost that would further blur the lines between iPads and Macs.

Additionally, the iPad Pro could receive an OLED display, a long-awaited upgrade that would improve screen quality and battery life. This move might also be aimed at reinvigorating the tablet market, as Bloomberg reported that the segment is “in a deep funk.” An OLED iPad Pro would be a significant step in Apple’s continued effort to position iPads as high-end productivity devices.

iPad Air: New Models and Possible Chip Upgrades

The iPad Air is also expected to see updates, with rumors suggesting two new models in 11- and 12.9-inch sizes. The current generation uses the M1 chip, but the new models might get upgraded to M2 or even the rumored M4. This could make the iPad Air more attractive to a broader range of users, providing a balance between performance and price.

Apple Pencil: Enhanced Functionality

The Apple Pencil is poised for a major update. Expected features include squeeze detection, haptic feedback, and interchangeable magnet tips, making the stylus more versatile and responsive. Additionally, Find My support could be included, addressing a common complaint about losing the Apple Pencil. These enhancements could broaden the Pencil’s appeal and utility, especially for artists and designers.

Magic Keyboard: A More Laptop-Like Experience

Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard for the iPad further solidifies the idea of iPads as laptop replacements. The new design makes the iPad appear more like a traditional laptop, with a robust keyboard and trackpad. This shift aligns with Apple’s strategy of integrating iPad and Mac functionality, potentially leading to future crossover products.

Macs: A Surprise Announcement?

While the event focuses on iPads, the rumored M4 chip could open the door to some unexpected Mac announcements. It’s possible that Apple might reveal a computer refresh or two, but more significant Mac updates are likely to be saved for WWDC in June.

Event Details

The “Let Loose” event starts at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET, which is early for West Coast viewers. You can watch it live and follow TechCrunch for live updates and coverage. With the unexpected timing of this event, Apple’s announcements could set the tone for an exciting WWDC, with new developments across its product lineup.

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