Next Apple Watch Set for Major Overhaul with Blood Pressure Monitor Tool and Advanced Features

The upcoming Apple Watch X is expected to bring significant advancements including a blood pressure monitor and microLED display, marking a transformative milestone in smartwatch technology.


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: Apple’s forthcoming Apple Watch release is poised to introduce significant enhancements, including a revolutionary blood pressure monitoring tool. Although the Apple Watch has undergone modest updates since its 2015 debut, the upcoming tenth-anniversary edition promises a remarkable transformation.

Typically, Apple Watch upgrades are incremental in contrast to the yearly iPhone launches, given that consumers tend to retain their smartwatches for longer periods than their phones. Minor enhancements, like the Series 8 model’s incorporation of a body-temperature sensor last year or the Series 6’s introduction of a quicker chip and blood-oxygen reader, primarily target new buyers and individuals overdue for an upgrade.

Nonetheless, the anticipated “Watch X” version is slated to mark a substantial departure, even compared to the revolutionary Apple Watch Ultra of the previous year, according to insights from Bloomberg.

Designers are currently engrossed in crafting a sleeker watch case and a magnetic band, aimed at supplanting the conventional locking bands that have been a fixture since the inaugural Apple Watch. While this design has sustained compatibility between older and newer models, the locking mechanism spanning both sides of the chassis occupies valuable space that could otherwise accommodate a larger battery or other advancements.

The most striking enhancements in the Watch X are projected to encompass a microLED display that eclipses the color and lucidity of current OLED screens, in addition to pioneering technology for blood pressure monitoring. The development of this technology has presented Apple with formidable challenges.

Consumers will likely have to wait until 2024 or 2025 to access the new upgrades, aligning with the Apple Watch’s ten-year milestone. The imminent Series 9 Apple Watch, scheduled for a September release, will feature minor refinements including the incorporation of the new S9 chip technology, extended battery life, and speculation surrounding a fresh pink colorway

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