ChatGPT’s developer company may go bankrupt in 2024!

The future financial viability of ChatGPT's developer company is uncertain, with reports suggesting potential bankruptcy in 2024 due to substantial operational costs and challenges in generating sufficient revenue.


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, may go bankrupt next year. Analytics India Magazine claimed in a report that the company is spending $ 700,000 every day to run ChatGPT.

The report states that OpenAI is rapidly reducing its financial resources, but even after launching paid services for GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, the company is unable to generate enough revenue to cover its costs. Could

Microsoft-backed company
According to the report, the company is probably surviving at this time only because of Microsoft’s investment of $10 billion i.e. about Rs 83,000 crore in OpenAI. OpenAI has estimated an annual revenue of $ 200 million in 2023, or about Rs 1660 crore. In 2024, the revenue is expected to reach $ 1 billion.

However, it doesn’t seem possible to reach this revenue in the current situation in the company.

Company’s loss doubled
OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022. Since then till May 2023, the company has incurred a loss of $540 million. At the same time, a decline is also being seen in the users of ChatGPT. ChatGPT users have seen a 12% decline in July 2023 as compared to June. There were 1.7 billion users in July which has come down to 1.5 billion.
What kind of questions can you ask on ChatGPT?
You can ask any question from it. That is, from writing email to CV, you can get it made. ChatGPT also gives the answer to Reel or how to make your video viral. ChatGPT also gives you suggestions on what to gift your wife.

ChatGPT gives complete information in short and precise words instead of long answers. If a student wants to write such an essay on democracy, then he will immediately type Write an essay on democracy on ChatGPT. After this, the complete writing will appear in front of you.

What are the limits of ChatGpt?
ChatGpt can easily answer all kinds of questions, but it also has some limitations. Know about 4 such limits here…

Loss of commonplace sense: AI models can war with knowledge context that humans take into account not unusual feel, frequently leading to wrong or nonsensical answers.

No references: AI-generated responses are based on patterns discovered for the duration of schooling and absence specific sources or references for their facts.

Constrained emotional evaluation: AI has problem grasping emotional nuances and won’t provide empathetic or emotionally appropriate responses.

Contextual expertise demanding situations: AI may have trouble keeping context over a communique and might misread the context of a question or statement.

Those obstacles are because of the present day state of AI technology, and whilst advancements are being made, those challenges nevertheless persist.

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