Cyclone Hillary Targets Mexico-California

"Cyclone Hillary approaches Mexico-California, forecasting heavy rainfall of 10 inches within 48 hours, evoking memories of a similar historic storm from 84 years ago."


Worldsfeed Int’l News Desk: In the next few days, a large northern cyclone will hit California, United States. His name was Hillary and he is currently on his way to Mexico. According to Reuters, Hillary is a category four cyclone. Reaching the US coast, there are fears that rain will fall in as little as one day to a year in three US states: California, Arizona and Nevada.

According to the New York Times, 10 inches of rain has been warned in Mexico’s Baja California for the next two days.Because of this, there is also a possibility of flooding in Mexico and California. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this storm will first hit Mexico and then advance to California.

However, this storm is steadily moving north. So if it hits California first, it would be the biggest northerly storm in 84 years. A Category 4 hurricane warning has been issued for Southern California for the first time.

80 shelters built for 9,000 people

Cyclone Hillary is expected to hit the resort town of Cabo San Lucas late Friday night or Saturday morning Mexican time, according to The New York Times, and weaken thereafter. Due to the cyclone, some cities in Mexico closed public businesses and non-essential schools through Monday.
people living in high-risk areas in Tijuana have been ordered to relocate to a safer location. Hillary was about 350 miles from Mexico on Friday. In connection with the cyclone, 80 temporary shelters were built for the coastal residents, which can accommodate 9,000 people. People.In early 1939, a hurricane of this magnitude hit California. Then 100 people died from flooding in Los Angeles.

What is a cyclone?

Cyclones are circular storms that form over warm oceans. When these hurricanes make landfall, they bring heavy rains and strong winds.These winds can destroy trees, vehicles, and sometimes even houses that stand in the way.

A storm is a type of atmospheric disturbance that occurs with strong winds and with them rain, snow or hail. When they occur on land they are referred to as general storms, but storms that come in from the sea are referred to as cyclones. Hurricanes are more intense and dangerous than normal thunderstorms.

Cyclone, hurricane and typhoon are all the same and are also called tropical cyclones.Cyclones are referred to by different names around the world. The world’s longest hurricane, or cyclone, originated in the Pacific Northwest in 1979. Its diameter was 2,200 kilometers, almost half the size of America.

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