Huawei’s 5G Mystery: Silence at Product Launch

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Beijing, China (Worldsfeed Tech Desk) : In a high-profile product launch event, Chinese telecommunications and smartphone giant Huawei kept the audience in suspense by not revealing any details about its new phone or reported advanced chip breakthrough. Instead, the company surprised attendees with the announcement of two new electric cars, its inaugural sedan, and a high-end SUV, along with the launch of new wireless earbuds and other products. Huawei has partnered with an auto manufacturer to sell these vehicles under the Aito brand.

The wireless earbuds, priced around 1,499 yuan ($205), feature Huawei’s Kirin A2 chip, representing a significant addition to their product portfolio. The event, livestreamed in Mandarin, showcased Huawei’s diversification beyond smartphones and into the electric vehicle and consumer electronics markets.

While Huawei’s product launch event began with an orchestral and choral performance titled “My Dream” in Chinese, and included a speech by Hong Kong celebrity Andy Lau about Huawei’s luxury watch design, it did not provide concrete details about the highly anticipated new phone. This left many online fans disappointed, with queries flooding in despite early indications from Huawei’s executive director and CEO, Richard Yu, that further phone details would not be disclosed.

Despite the lack of phone revelations, the event saw enthusiastic participation from both online and in-person audiences, with patriotic sentiments occasionally surfacing. Alongside the electric cars and wireless earbuds, Huawei introduced a new version of its smartwatch, a tablet thinner and lighter than the iPad, and a stylus that pairs with the tablet using Huawei’s NearLink technology.

Huawei’s decision to withhold information about its new phone coincides with the release of Apple’s iPhone 15 in China, emphasizing the competitive nature of the smartphone market.

Notably, Huawei’s recent launch of the Mate 60 Pro hinted at the company’s ability to produce advanced semiconductor chips, enabling 5G download speeds. TechInsights’ analysis revealed that the Kirin 9000s chip in the Mate 60 Pro was manufactured using a cutting-edge 7 nanometer process by China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation. This raises questions about the technology procurement process, particularly considering earlier restrictions placed on Huawei by the U.S.

Huawei’s consumer business has faced significant challenges due to U.S. sanctions that severed access to critical smartphone technologies like semiconductors and Google software. These restrictions, initiated in 2019, have resulted in a 50% reduction in the company’s consumer business revenue. Huawei has consistently denied any national security risk allegations related to its ties to the Chinese Communist Party and military.

Despite these challenges, Huawei has expressed its intention to maintain a “normal” schedule for launching flagship consumer products in the coming year.

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