Microsoft Unveils Mesh: A Virtual Meeting Platform Integrated with Teams

"Microsoft's innovative Mesh platform facilitates hybrid working, connecting avatars in a shared virtual space via Teams. Tested with companies like Accenture and Takeda, Mesh enhances collaboration for a more immersive remote work experience. Offering pre-built customizable spaces through Unity, it redefines virtual meetings. Accessible on desktop PCs and Meta Quest VR devices, Mesh supports various work styles with a six-month free trial and subscription options from $4 to $57 per user monthly."


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: As many organizations advocate for a return to traditional office setups, Microsoft is championing a novel “hybrid” working model. The company recently introduced Microsoft Mesh, a feature designed to enable the avatars of employees to convene in a shared virtual space, regardless of their physical locations. This virtual connection platform is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has conducted trials of Mesh with companies such as Accenture and Takeda, a pharmaceutical-focused organization. Leo Barella, Chief Technology Officer at Takeda, emphasized the ongoing evolution of the work landscape and the enduring importance of human connection. According to Barella, Mesh has enhanced their meetings, fostering a more collaborative and immersive experience.

Mesh offers a range of pre-built virtual spaces that companies can customize with various elements, including informational videos and logos, all without the need for coding. The Mesh toolkit leverages Unity, Microsoft’s 2D and 3D development platform, enabling further customization of the virtual environment. Essentially, employers can recreate desired retreats and invite everyone’s avatars to participate.

Presently, Microsoft Mesh is accessible on desktop PCs and Meta Quest VR devices for those seeking a more immersive experience. Microsoft is extending a six-month free trial to users with business or enterprise plans. Subscription prices vary, starting at $4 per user monthly for Microsoft Teams Essentials and reaching up to $57 per user monthly for Microsoft 365 E5.

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