How is it possible to get rid of the captivity of cellphone?

"In the age of mobile phones and social media, striking a balance between technology's benefits and its potential drawbacks becomes crucial for our well-being."


Worldsfeed Tech/Health Desk: Some technological revolution becomes the identity of every century. This credit could be given to mobile in the first quarter of the 21st century, but there has been progress, as well as many dangers.

Mobile has become an integral part of our life, it cannot be denied. Work, productivity, entertainment and communication all have a role to play. But how much and how? Today, whenever you read all the mantras or suggestions for self-development or hear from any expert, there is definitely a mention of the limits of mobile usage.

First name in suggestions for improvement

Be it working time in the office, getting enough sleep or waking up early in the morning or driving a vehicle, walking on the road or standing or sitting in a queue at some place, we always let the mobile come in the way. That is why when it is said to get enough sleep for good health, it is also said to switch off the mobile one hour before sleeping.

Even if you are feeling very dizzy, have pain in your eyes or ears, the doctor definitely asks the question as to how many hours you use the mobile.

Cell phone is often found to be the culprit behind the problem of lack of attention or poor focus.

Why is there mobile addiction?

There are many sources of entertainment, but now our expression has changed. Now it is not necessary to just watch some entertainment, every person himself can make a short film or video and post it on social media and get instant appreciation or praise.

At the same time, he can also see and appreciate the work done by others. This gives him a feeling of equality in this community and of being special among those who are not active on social platforms. Everyone is behind this change in expression – children, adults, elders and women.

it also has many dimensions

The phone, which was created as a means of communication, has now incorporated uses from around the world. From social networking, gaming, movies to restricted content, everything is available at hand in the name of entertainment.
It is okay to resort to it for some time for entertainment in free time, but to keep fingering it every now and then and getting immersed in it to the extent of addiction is bound to create problems.
Surfing here and there unnecessarily sometimes leads to financial scams. Mobile phones are now being used in many forms in fraud cases.
Phubbing is also common, that is, being on the phone instead of talking when a lot of people are together, which is a blow to social relationships.
Where external sounds have to be cut off, such as on the road or in the office, the use of earphones is common, which is affecting the ability to hear.
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social behavior is affected

Often parents complain that children nowadays do not talk or do not have the manners of communication, and for this they blame mobile addiction, then they also have to look at the environment given to the child. It is true that the excessive use of mobiles, the habit of communicating only through chatting has reduced the communication skills of children, keeping them away from the real world. But if the parents want, they can help the children to develop it afresh.

If there is phubbing in children in family gatherings, then by interfering in the family, the attention of the children can be diverted towards some creative work, so that the children get a way to spend time together. If adults take the initiative of spending days without phones, then children will also be inspired.

How to get free from the imprisonment of the cell?

The utility of cellphones and the help they provide cannot be denied. But balance is very important in its use. It is a personal decision to decide where and how much usage is ‘useful’ to you.

To get out of the cell phone’s captivity, every person has to find the motivation himself. The decision to use this useful tool for self-help, growth, social connection, and healthy entertainment, or to indulge in overuse and harm ourselves, is in our own hands, just like this cellphone.

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