Patient Posts on Social Media via Neuralink Brain Chip

"In a groundbreaking development, Noland Arbaugh, the first recipient of a Neurachip, has effortlessly posted on social media platform X, solely by thought. Enabled by Elon Musk's Neuralink, Arbaugh, previously paralyzed, showcases the potential of this telepathy device. Musk highlights the historic moment, emphasizing the Neuralink's capability in his post. With ongoing human trials, the device holds promise for restoring mobility to paralysis patients and revolutionizing human-computer interaction."


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: Noland Arbaugh, the inaugural recipient of a Neurachip implanted in his brain, recently made waves by posting for the first time on the social media platform X—simply by thinking. This groundbreaking feat was made possible by Neuralink, a startup founded by Elon Musk, which installed the Neurachip via a cybernetic implant earlier this year. Arbaugh, previously paralyzed due to an accident, has regained a semblance of communication and control through this remarkable technology.

In his inaugural post, Arbaugh humorously remarked, “Twitter banned me as a bot, but X and Musk allowed me again because I am a bot.” Elon Musk himself lauded the achievement, highlighting how the post was made possible through the Neuralink telepathy device.

In another demonstration of the Neurachip’s capabilities, Arbaugh shared a video of himself playing online chess, showcasing his renewed ability to engage in activities he had once abandoned. Musk underscored this achievement by stating, “Neuralink demonstrated telepathy.”

The implications of Neuralink’s technology extend far beyond social media posts and online games. The Neurachip, about the size of a small coin, establishes a direct communication channel between the human brain and computers or mobile devices. Human trials are currently underway, with the potential to restore mobility to paralysis patients and even restore vision to the blind. Dubbed the “Link,” this revolutionary chip holds promise for transforming the lives of individuals with neurological conditions.

The Neuralink device, known as the “Link,” operates by directly interfacing with brain activity to control external devices. It consists of micron-scale threads implanted into specific brain regions responsible for movement, each thread equipped with electrodes to facilitate communication with the “link” implant. To ensure precise and efficient implantation, Neuralink has developed a robotic system capable of handling the delicate threading process.

Moreover, the Neuralink app enables users to control keyboards and mice directly through brain activity, eliminating the need for physical input devices. To sustain operation, the device requires periodic charging, facilitated by a compact inductive charger designed to wirelessly connect to the implant and recharge its battery externally.

In summary, Neuralink’s innovative technology holds the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, offering hope and possibilities for individuals with neurological disabilities.

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