Phone security warning: Apple and Android warn users

"Warnings from Apple and Android highlight phone safety, including the potential for battery overheating while charging, radiation issues, and the importance of avoiding third-party chargers for overall device protection."


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: Apple and Android warn users about fire, electric shock and damage to the phone.
Battery overheating caused by user error such as prolonged charging, exposure to heat, or battery failure may result in an explosion.

Battery problems Symptoms:
The phone is overheating.
Blurry screen or poor touch response.
screen moves without touch input.
Complete darkness on the screen.
phone freezes frequently, slow processing.
Unusual heat when using the phone.
Older phones are more prone to battery damage.

Dangers when charging:
During the charging process, the radiation exposure is higher and leads to overheating of the battery.
Using your phone for calls, games, or social media while it is charging can cause the battery to overheat and increase the risk of explosion.

Overnight charging:
Overnight charging can damage the phone and its battery.
This is not recommended.

Phone near the head:
Holding a phone near the head while sleeping can be dangerous due to the radiation.
Risks include metabolic effects, brain damage, and health problems such as cancer and tumors.
Similar precautions apply to wireless routers and microwave ovens.

Use of third-party chargers:
Apple and Android discourage the use of third-party chargers, especially unbranded or inexpensive chargers.
Apple recommends using only Made for iPhone; Son. Android
users should stick to the included charger to avoid damage.

Additional phone info:
The world’s first phone was bought in 1983 for around Rs.2,68,000.
The world’s first cell phone call was made by Martin Cooper in 1973.
The first touchscreen phone was the Simon in 1993, developed by BellSouth Cellular and designed by IBM.
The Nokia 1100 touch-tone phone is the best-selling electronic device in the history of phones.

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