Samsung to Use Titanium Finish on Galaxy S24 Ultra, Aims to Shave Off Weight

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a durable titanium finish, drawing inspiration from Apple's iPhone 15 Pro. This choice not only enhances resistance to damage but also contributes to a more lightweight and stylish design, aligning with aerospace technology for premium smartphones.


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook with plans to introduce a titanium finish. This move is driven by the benefits of titanium, which include enhanced durability and resistance to scratches, along with the ability to shave off a few grams of weight from the device.

The recently launched iPhone 15 Pro demonstrated these advantages by being significantly lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. Samsung’s version of the titanium build on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to offer similar benefits.

The primary advantages of titanium lie in its durability and resistance to damage, making it a logical choice for premium smartphone finishes. Although the move may marginally reduce the weight of the device, it might not match the weight reduction achieved by Apple.

Compared to Apple’s iPhones, the difference in weight between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, may be less pronounced. Samsung currently uses aluminum, which is lighter than stainless steel, in its Galaxy S23 models. Consequently, while the titanium finish could make the Galaxy S24 Ultra lighter, it might not reach the same level of weight reduction as Apple’s iPhones.

While the use of titanium has been common in the aerospace industry for its durability and lightweight characteristics, its higher costs and more complicated processing could lead to premium pricing for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The report suggests that the titanium frames could cost up to $100.

Samsung is expected to announce its new flagship models early next year. The company’s decision to use titanium highlights its commitment to offering stylish and durable smartphones to consumers.

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