Scientific Findings: 25 Minutes of Running Daily Reduces Death Risk by 35% Over 8 Years

"Scientific research highlights the profound benefits of running, demonstrating a 35% reduction in death risk through a 25-minute daily routine. Brisk walking and jogging at moderate speeds contribute to increased longevity and overall well-being."


Worldsfeed Healh Desk: In a groundbreaking study involving over 4 million participants, researchers from Taiwan have unveiled compelling evidence supporting the idea that running for just 25 minutes each day can significantly enhance longevity. The study, conducted in 2011, compared the effects of vigorous exercises, such as jogging or running, with moderate activities like brisk walking.

Surprisingly, the research demonstrated that a brief five-minute run yielded the same increase in lifespan as a 15-minute walk. However, the most striking revelation was that engaging in a daily 25-minute run or a 105-minute walk could reduce the risk of death over the subsequent eight years by a remarkable 35%.

A subsequent study in 2014, led by Duck-Chul Lee, a professor of physical activity science at Iowa State University, further emphasized the benefits of running. This study focused on individuals who jogged at a speed of 9 kilometers per hour or slower, revealing that both walkers and sedentary individuals who adopted this routine experienced a 30% improvement in fitness. Remarkably, their risk of death decreased by 30% over the following 15 years.

While acknowledging the positive impact of brisk walking on oxygen intake, the research underscored that the most substantial benefits arise from increased movement speed. Accelerating your pace not only elevates heart and breathing rates but also serves as a powerful catalyst for improved overall health.

In conclusion, these scientific findings provide compelling evidence in favor of incorporating running into one’s daily routine, showcasing its remarkable ability to reduce the risk of mortality and enhance overall well-being.

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