Tragic Loss: Three US Military Personnel Killed, Dozens Injured in Drone Attack on Jordan Outpost

"In a devastating drone attack on a Jordanian outpost, three US troops lost their lives, and more than 30 were injured. The strike, believed to be orchestrated by Iran-backed militants from Syria, marks a grim milestone in the Middle East conflict. President Biden vows a response, attributing the attack to radical groups in the region. As tensions escalate, the incident underscores the fragile situation and the ongoing threat faced by US forces in the area."


Worldsfeed Int’l News Desk: In an overnight drone attack on a small US outpost in Jordan, three US Army soldiers were killed, and over 30 service members were injured, marking the first instance of US troops being killed by enemy fire in the Middle East since the Gaza war began. The attack occurred at Tower 22 near the border with Syria, and it is believed that Iran-backed militants fired the drone, originating from Syria. The specific militia group responsible is still under investigation.

US Central Command confirmed three service members killed and at least 34 injured in the one-way drone attack at a base in northeast Jordan. President Joe Biden pledged to hold those responsible accountable, attributing the attack to radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq. However, Iran denied any involvement, distancing itself from the accusations and stating that regional resistance groups do not take orders from Iran.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of Iran-backed militias, claimed responsibility for attacking targets along the Jordan-Syria border, including Al-Rukban camp close to the US outpost Tower 22. The wider conflict in the region involves ongoing attacks on US and coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, with Friday alone witnessing more than 158 such attacks.

The drone attack on Tower 22 is a significant escalation, and it remains unclear why air defenses failed to intercept the drone. The outpost houses approximately 350 US Army and Air Force personnel conducting support functions for the coalition’s efforts against ISIS.

The Biden administration has faced criticism, particularly from Republicans, for its perceived insufficient response to Iran-backed groups’ attacks. Senator Lindsey Graham called the policy of deterrence against Iran a failure and urged strikes against targets inside Iran for reprisal and deterrence. Senator Roger Wicker and House Armed Services Chairman Mike Rogers also called for direct responses against Iranian targets and leadership. Meanwhile, the conflict continues, with Israel conducting campaigns in Gaza against Hamas and targeting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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