American astronaut returned from space after 371 days

"American astronaut Frank Rubio returns from a historic 371-day space mission, setting a new record for the longest-serving American astronaut, while Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov still holds the overall record with 437 days in space. Meanwhile, NASA's spacecraft returns with a precious asteroid sample, shedding light on the solar system's ancient history."


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: After spending 371 days in space, American astronaut Frank Rubio has returned to Earth. They were landed in a Soyuz capsule in a remote area of Kazakhstan. Along with him, Russian astronauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin have also returned from space.

Rubio has become the longest-serving American astronaut in space. He made this record on September 11. He stayed in space for 371 days. Earlier, American astronaut Mark Vande Hei had made the record of 355 days in the year 2022. However, till now the record for spending the most time in space is held by Russian astronaut Valery Polyakov, who spent 437 days.

Spacecraft collided with junk

Frank Rubio was sent on a space mission for 180 days, but his spacecraft collided with a junk. Due to this the vehicle cooling system got damaged. For this reason the American astronaut had to stay for a long time.

On this whole matter, Rubio says that if he had known that he would have to stay in space for 1 year, he would never have gone on the mission.

Rubio circled the earth more than 5 thousand times

America’s Frank Rubio made 5963 revolutions around the Earth while in the space station. Meanwhile, he traveled 15 crore 74 lakh 12 thousand 306 miles. If it is compared with the journey to the Moon, then in this distance one can go to the Moon and back at least 328 times.

Frank Rubio has become America’s astronaut with the longest stay in space, but he is third overall. Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov is at number one. He stayed in space for 437 days. He had circled the earth 7 thousand times.

Russian astronauts Sergei and Dmitry also spent a year

Russian cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin have also become the sixth and seventh astronauts to spend more than a year in space. Earlier, during the Soviet Union, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Avdeev, Musa Manarov, Vladimir Titov and Valery Polyakov had spent 365 days in space. But that was about the Mir space station.

NASA capsule returns with asteroid sample after 7 years

After 7 years, today on September 24, 2023, the spacecraft of the American space agency NASA returned the sample collected from asteroid Bennu to Earth. The sample can provide information about how the sun and planets were formed 4.5 billion years ago.


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