Early Adopters Experience Discontent with Apple Vision Pro, Leading to Increased Returns

"Apple Vision Pro faces a surge in returns as users express dissatisfaction due to comfort issues, motion sickness, and concerns about productivity. The high cost and challenges associated with unique body variations are contributing factors, with some users eagerly anticipating improvements in a potential second-generation release."


Worldsfeed Tech Desk: The initial excitement surrounding Apple’s Vision Pro is fading as some users express dissatisfaction and opt to return their $3,500 headsets. A surge in social media posts from Vision Pro owners citing discomfort as a primary reason for returns is evident, with complaints ranging from headaches to motion sickness. The weight distribution, particularly the front-loaded design, has been a recurring issue. Some users even report physical discomfort, such as burst blood vessels in the eyes.

Parker Ortolani, The Verge’s product manager, shared his experience of finding the device too uncomfortable, leading to headaches and eye strain. Despite the device’s magical features, the discomfort proved to be a significant barrier. Other users echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the headset’s high cost and unwieldiness.

Individual comfort preferences and physical variations pose challenges in scaling wearable production for the mass market. With smartwatches and rings, sizing issues are common, and for smart glasses and headsets, factors like a low nose bridge can affect usability. The uniqueness of each user’s body inevitably leads to compromises in comfort that impact individuals differently.

Apart from hardware-related concerns, users are expressing disappointment in the Vision Pro’s perceived lack of productivity relative to its high price. Some users report feeling dizzy when using productivity tools like Figma, while others find the device incompatible with their work. Issues with multitasking, file management, and limited file type support have been raised, leading to concerns about the device’s suitability for professional use.

The vocal subset of early adopters critical of the Vision Pro’s current limitations remains uncertain about the impact on Apple’s product. While some express eagerness to try a second-generation Vision Pro, others emphasize that the core issue lies in the absence of a compelling application or comfort. The article highlights the challenge of gauging the extent of this dissatisfaction, as social media users may not necessarily represent the overall return rate or align with Apple’s internal expectations for the Vision Pro.”

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