Physician Shares Daily Advice for a Longer and Healthier Life

"Unlock the secrets of a longer, healthier life with a focus on healthspan, exercise, and a positive mindset. Embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes sleep, balanced diet, and staying active for optimal well-being."


Worldsfeed Health Desk: For most of history, people thought getting old was just a part of life. But now, because of all the new medical and tech breakthroughs, some scientists believe aging is like a sickness that we can slow down or treat.

One of these scientists is Peter Diamandis, a doctor and entrepreneur with over 20 companies. He’s into space, but lately, he’s really excited about what he calls the “healthspan revolution.”

So, what’s healthspan, and how is it different from lifespan?

“Lifespan is how long you live, like how long your heart keeps beating,” says Diamandis. “But healthspan is how long you feel healthy, full of energy, and can enjoy life. We’ve made people live longer, but we haven’t quite made them feel healthy for that whole time.”

Diamandis started a non-profit called XPRIZE, which offers big prizes for teams that can make breakthroughs in different areas. In 2023, they announced a $101 million prize for a team that can find ways to keep our brains, immune systems, and muscles working well as we age.

Diamandis hopes these new technologies will be ready in the next seven years. But what can we do right now to live longer and healthier?

He talks about having a “longevity mindset.” It means being confident that breakthroughs are coming, and it’s our job to stay healthy until they do.

To have this mindset, we need a “longevity lifestyle.” Diamandis shares his daily habits to stay healthy:

  1. Exercise: He hits the gym four times a week, lifting weights and doing 45 minutes of cardio on his Technogym bike.
  2. Sleep: Diamandis makes sure to get eight hours of sleep and goes to bed early.
  3. Diet: He’s strict about sugar, calling it a poison. He wears a monitor to track his sugar levels and focuses on eating enough protein to maintain muscle.
  4. Positive Mindset: Diamandis avoids negative news and stays positive. Studies show that optimistic people live longer.

Following these habits might not only help you live longer but also make sure you feel good doing it.

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