NASA’s $10 Quintillion Asteroid Could Theoretically Make Earth Billionaires

NASA embarks on a mission to asteroid 16 Psyche, a metal-rich space treasure, aiming to explore planetary cores and understand planet formation in our solar system without the intention of asteroid mining.


Worldsfeed News Desk: NASA’s recent rocket launch, aiming for the metal-rich asteroid 16 Psyche, which is estimated to be worth $10 quintillion, has sparked excitement about the potential to make everyone on Earth wealthy. However, NASA’s mission isn’t about mining the asteroid for its resources; instead, it seeks to uncover insights about planetary cores and the formation of planets.

The asteroid 16 Psyche, nestled in the main asteroid belt, contains an extraordinary abundance of gold, iron, and nickel, with a combined value of $10,000 quadrillion. While this astounding wealth might theoretically make each Earth dweller a billionaire, the reality is that such an endeavor could disrupt the global economy, much like if every individual won a massive lottery jackpot.

NASA has clarified its objective is not resource exploitation but planetary exploration. The mission is designed to delve into the mysteries of planetary cores and planetary formation. The spacecraft, scheduled to reach the asteroid around July 2029, will employ advanced instruments like a multispectral imager, gamma-ray and neutron spectrometer, magnetometer, and radio instrument for gravity measurement.

While there are nine other metal-rich asteroids in our solar system, NASA chose 16 Psyche due to its colossal size and presumed pristine condition, making it an ideal candidate for scientific exploration. By studying this intriguing space rock, scientists hope to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental processes that shape celestial bodies in our cosmos.

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